Since 1977,  Michael King, President of Speeda Sound, started out by supplying sound
systems to a few various Central Valley fairs.  After doing so, he was asked to also
provide grounds paging equipment, 2-way radios, portable systems, and backline,
bandgear i.e. keyboards, drum sets, guitars, and guitar amplifiers.  Other California
fairs became interested in Speeda Sound, Inc. because the company could provide all
their audio equipment needs in one package, with one contractor hired for the job.

In 1980 the company began supplying audio support systems, and various equipment,
for major recording artists, fairs, and large music festivals ,one package, including audio
technicians, for multiple stages to various California fairs.  Speeda Sound, Inc. has grown
to the point of providing audio support systems for up to four large fairs simultaneously.  
These fairs usually have a minimum of 4 to 5 stages, and up to 10 - 12 stages, that need
audio equipment, and expert audio technicians to operate them.

Speeda Sound, Inc. is aat the point where we own all our equipment, a full fleet of trucks,
vans, and trailers.  The company has a full-time year around staff to accommodate our
clients with communication and services throughout the entire year.

Speeda Sound, Inc. has been a corporation since 1987.  Speeda Sound carries a
commercial insurance package that stays in force year around.